Personal Injury Law in Arizona

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Arizona personal injury law requires proof that the defendant was at fault due to his/her negligence. The plaintiff must’ve lost something, monetary or otherwise, in order to seek a personal injury trial. There must be no doubt in the jury’s mind that the defendant’s misdoing is what caused the injury.

Personal injury law in Arizona states that every person who had a fault that caused your injury must pay a certain amount of the total losses.

Strict liability law is in effect in Arizona, this means that in personal injury cases caused by a consumer product the producer of that item may be responsible. Arizona requires the plaintiffs to prove that the product was constructed improperly, that you used the item the way it was intended to be used, the improper construction caused your injury, and you lost something due to this mishappening.

In Arizona the defendant must replace lost wages, all medical costs, personal items that were damaged, out of pocket costs directly relating to the injury, and non-physical damages.

When involved in a medical malpractice cases it is best to consult with a trained expert in the field at hand.

The statute of limitations in Arizona is two years, after two years a claim cannot be filed. Consult a qualified Arizona Personal Injury Lawyer to see if you have a valid case before entering into any kind of lawsuit.

The article presented above is based on the best available data available and is for informational purposes only. Consult a qualified personal injury attorney before relying on any information presented here.

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